Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Now that I have been really watching my snacking for the past 3 months, I’ve been careful to ensure that extends to everything I put in my mouth – even liquids! As part of the Leptin Reset, which allows absolutely no snacking, I’ve had to give up my morning cup of tea with a splash of milk. Doesn’t sound like it would be too hard for the girl who’s given up bread, pasta, and all other chocolate bar the 85% organic stuff! But this has been my hardest battle to date. I still allow myself one cup with my breakfast, since you are able to take in liquid calories while you’re eating your main meal of the day, but apart from that, my beloved cuppa is no more!
The one good thing about this is that I’ve had to seek out other options for drinking, because, let’s face it, plain water does get a bit boring after a while! I’ve started adding slices of lemon to my iced water and also occasionally indulge in sparkling mineral water just to break the monotony. The best bit however, is that in my searching I’ve stumbled across some really great alternative teas – ones that you don’t need to have milk in and therefore don’t promote a spike in my blood sugar! 

Chamomile – this has to be my new favourite tea. It’s subtle yet interesting and doesn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve been drinking a Twinings version that is combined with Spearmint which is great, and I recently stumbled across the most amazing brew at my local Zaraffas coffee house. I’m somewhat hesitant to buy tea from a specialty coffee place, but will be going back there again as it was tea-licious!
Ginger – I usually drink this in the evenings with 1 small square of my 85% chocolate – there’s something about that ginger and chocolate combination that immediately makes me feel content! Plus, there’s mountains of health benefits attached to ginger, so I’m sure some of that is working its way into my system!
Chai – Oh chai! How I love your beautiful cinnamon and nutty flavours! I have been drinking chai tea with milk for ages, but am slowly weaning myself off the milk so I can still enjoy it. I’m certain that the combination of spices in chai are not only delicious, but beneficial for my health as well. I do keep in mind that chai still has black tea in it, so try to keep my consumption of it to before 2pm.
Rooibos – This is one that has slowly crept up on me and now I quite enjoy! I initially started drinking Rooibos during a detox that called for zero caffeine and I think I was a bit angry at it for replacing my regular cuppa. It has a fairly rich taste, so I don’t drink it on a daily basis, but it’s nice if I feel like something a bit stronger.
Other teas that I occasionally dabble in include peppermint, lemongrass and rosehip – all teas that just over a year ago, I wouldn’t have ever touched!
What’s your favourite tea?

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