Tuesday, September 7, 2010

15 Plant Types A Day

You might still be having trouble reconciling with some of the Primal Blueprint principles, however I'm sure you can agree with our daily goal to eat 15 plant types per day - after all, no one can argue that vegies and fruit are bad for you! This was a challenge set to us by our awesome personal trainer and it actually works in beautifully with the Primal Blueprint eating plan. The idea is simple - to get as much variety in your meals as possible and to feed your body with the best possible natural fuel - vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds.
Here's how my day is looking so far:-
1. Spinach;
2. Cherry Tomatoes;
3. Strawberries;
4. Lambs Lettuce;
5. Cucumber;
6. Almonds;
7. Carrot;
8. Apple;
9. Macadamia nuts;
And on the menu for dinner:-
10. Pumpkin;
11. Zucchini;
12. Cauliflower;
13. Broccoli;
14. Asparagus;
15. Assorted fresh herbs & spices (basil, parsley, cumin & garlic)
I may have some apricots/peaches for dessert after dinner as well!
Other favourite plant types of ours:-
*blueberries (a SUPERFOOD)
*kale (the farmer didn't have any this week otherwise that would have been on the menu tonight!)
*pumpkin seeds
*red onion
I have no doubt that my body is thanking me for all of this good food I am putting into it - yours will too!

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