Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's the World Wide Web saying this week?

Dr Jonny Bowden shares an article explaining another reason why Omega 3s are crucial for good health. So take your fish oil daily!

Over at Zen Habits, Chris Guillebeau urges you to make your own choices in life. Remember what it was like as a kid?!?!?

quality gluten free beer?!?! Yes, please! Robb Wolf has done the ground work for all you beer lovers (me included!)

Chris Masterjohn at the Daily Lipid writes an amazing critique of the latest poorly executed study linking a high meat diet to heart disease.

As if there was any further need to convey the dangers of drinking diet soft drink, Dr Mercola examines the side effects of aspartame.

Everyone needs to eat more superfoods! We all know the usual superfoods, but give these ones a try :-)

I've always been wary of the plethora of vaccines we are giving to young children (even babies!) Imagine if protecting against influenza was as simple as providing them with enough Vitamin D...

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