Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cavewoman & Caveman come to the party!

My sister's recent 18th dress-up party provided a perfect opportunity to embrace our inner caveman! Conveniently, my sister's name starts with "C" and hubby immediately knew, considering our recent lifestyle change, that dressing as a caveman/woman would be perfect...
Look at my sexy body!
We started off the evening fairly primally - with meatballs & vegies for dinner! However as it was an 18th, avoiding the copious amounts of alcohol on offer was a challenge... I chose what I figured was a 'decent' primal drink of choice - malibu + soda water + lime.
They had malibu back in cavewoman days, didn't they?!?!
Of course, no true party is complete without the token strippers pole, and hubby showed his caveman strength...
Lucky for those caveman bike shorts hey?!?!
So we joined the birthday cow, Clark Kent, cleopatra, cadbury, CSI, cutlery, california girls, cactus, cheerleaders, Confucius, Cat in the Hat, and all the others in celebration of her 18th birthday, and we're pretty sure we're too old for this stuff! Happy Birthday you cow!

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