Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long Weekend...

Whenever a long weekend comes along, it's always easy to let your healthy lifestyle fall by the wayside. I've made a conscious effort this weekend to ensure that, even if I was a bit more relaxed, I still managed to meet most of the 10 Primal Blueprint Laws. Let's see how I went:-
1. Eat lots of animals, insects, and plants
Hmm, well I've definitely covered the animals and plants thing, though not so keen on the insects part! Friday night started with Meatzza, I've had a fruit smoothie, roast chicken and greek salad, and bacon and eggs... (eggs technically count as animal!)
2. Move frequently at a slow pace
I did a low impact cardio circuit at the gym (combo of walking on an incline for 2km, rowing for 2km, and a 5km easy bike ride), did a 30min spin session, and some Wii yoga. I was planning on going for a walk outside, but the weather hasn't permitted :-(
3. Lift heavy things
A weights sessions at the gym is my only claim to this law... Oh, and a 30 minute bodyweight session (lifting my own weight is HEAVY!!!!)
4. Run really fast every once in a while
Haven't covered this one over the weekend. My interval sprint training usually happens at a PT session on either Tuesday or Thursday - it will be Tuesday this week, as we're travelling on Thursday :-)
5. Get lots of sleep
An easy one over the weekend! I am always guilty of sleeping in a bit, but I figure I'm catching up for any sleep lost during the week. Technically we 'lost' an hour of sleep last night, as daylight savings kicked in and our clocks went forward an hour, but we will get that back when daylight savings ends in April!
6. Play
Not really covered this one, and it's really one that I need to work on. This shitty weather doesn't help! I did play my favourite jet-boarding game on the WiiFit - does that count?!?!?!
7. Get adequate sunlight
Hmmm, another tough one, especially in Canberra and this terrible weather! I did take my Vitamin D tablets though :-)
8. Avoid trauma
I have managed to successfully avoid hurting or injuring myself - bonus, as I usually burn/cut myself when cooking!
9. Avoid poisonous things
We had Indian takeaway for dinner last night. I wouldn't say it's entirely poisonous, it was mainly meat, spices, and vegetables (they thought we were weird cos we didn't order rice or naan bread!), but I'm sure there were some ingredients which my body didn't appreciate!
10. Use your mind
I continued reading Gary Taubes "Good Calories, Bad Calories" - it's a very heavy book that you can't read all in one sitting (like I usually do when reading fiction!)... But it's an amazing, eye-opening read!

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