Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's the World Wide Web saying this week?

Could this recent article suggesting that cancer is purely a man made disease finally get the medical professional to take notice. We should be aiming for prevention, rather than cure, and a huge part of that has to come down to our diet.

I've always found that I sleep better after a workout! Now there's some evidence that a good night's sleep can be the result of physical activity during the day.

Rice has always been one of my go-to carb fillers at dinner time (although since going primal, I've only eaten it once, with effects so bad that I haven't gone near it again!) Mark examines whether rice is unhealthy or not...

Yet another reason to supplement with Vitamin D (that's if you don't get enough sun daily!) - a possible link with autism?

This interesting article highlights a study which suggests that sleeping in a lit room might lead to weight gain.

This Aussie study claims that waist circumference, not BMI, is the best predictor of future cardiovascular disease. So, pay attention to your waist, not your BMI!


  1. Hi fit girl ;-P
    Question for you when you have time (although you may already know the answer)... is soy milk bad for you? When I say bad I don't just mean fattening but are there any health side effects?


  2. I'm working on a soy post as we speak, so glad you asked... I think it's particularly important for women who are thinking of starting a family in the near future! When you start looking into some of the research it gets a little scary... Look out for it in the next couple of days :-)