Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just because I haven't posted, doesn't mean I'm not committed...

Yeah, I've been slack with the posts lately. Sometimes life just gets in the way! I've had such a crazy 3 or so weeks and it's been difficult to get a spare moment... The great thing is though, I can safely say I've stayed on the primal blueprint track. How well? I estimate at least 80/20.
Haven't heard of the 80/20 rule? Basically, it means you're primal 80% of the time. And with my 20%, I try to stay reasonably true to the PB laws so that I don't undo all my good work!
Travelling is difficult when you're following the primal blueprint. We did a LONG drive up to Queensland for my sister's birthday and found it really hard to get good primal food. Here's a run down of our 6 days away...
Night One = 7hr drive. I had packed some boiled eggs, ham, and vintage cheese, plus some fruit and nuts to snack on during the trip. Easy!
Day One = 10hr drive. We managed to get a primal breakfast of bacon and eggs at the hotel's breakfast buffet. Thinking about it now, breakfast is actually an easy meal to do primal - bacon and eggs, hold the toast. Lunch was a bit trickier... We stopped at a highway servo and options were Maccas, KFC, or sandwiches from the cafe! Not exactly full of options. I ended up getting a salad sandwich and just eating the filling! Dinner was fish and vegies at mum and dad's - the vegies were a definite winner!
Day Two - Five = fairly primal eating while visiting family. My 20% cheats included Grandma's scones (seriously, how could I resist) and my lime & soda mixed with Malibu at the 18th party.
Day Six = 17hr drive. This was an effort. We found a roadside cafe for breakfast and it was awesome - the best bacon and eggs I'd had for ages! Lunch options were Maccas/KFC/Subway, so I went for the most primal option - a Subway salad (no bread). Honestly, it was terrible! Seriously, without the bread, cheese, and sauce, subway salad is not at all fulfilling! We stumbled across a cafe that did roasts for dinner, and so really enjoyed a roast beef and vegies (especially after that terrible lunch).
Exercise while travelling is also difficult. I managed to get in some interval sprints on my parents treadmill, and a long beach walk while visiting Gran & Granddad, but apart from that, the exercise was minimal.
The dreaded visit to our personal trainer after 2 weeks 'off' came sooner than we were ready for. Imagine our surprise and excitement then, when we stepped onto the scales and we'd both dropped 2 kilos! Our trainer suggested that the time off actually worked in our favour, so we were stoked that our seemingly 'slacking off' turned out okay.
Although we still have a hectic couple of weeks to get through, I'm committed to staying as close to primal as possible. I just know that it makes me feel better and I still have a way to go to reach my goal weight. So, with changing jobs, moving house and city, I think the primal blueprint will be a welcome constant in my life!

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