Monday, October 4, 2010

What's the World Wide Web saying this week?

Check out the latest fitness craze! Hula Hooping is certainly something I could get into, though I do suck at the WiiFit version!

Consumer group Choice is warning on the dangers of sunscreen use... Seems there are some nasty additives in many of our popular sunscreens. Yep, slip, slop, slap is not always best!

Tom Naughton at Fat Head presents his tongue-in-cheek modest proposal for dealing with our growing population!

Mmmm, primal nutella! Is there anything better?!?

Melissa McEwen @ Hunt. Gather. Love examines the whether there is any merit in the statement "Healthy at any size?"

As if you needed any more motivation to do that lunchtime workout, there is now evidence that staying active on workdays is good for you!

Soy in formula... Need I say more???

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